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Infant's Health

Child car seat installation errors common even with top-rated seats      (via     Original source 

Errors in installation of child car seats are common, even with seats that have a five-star rating f ...


Seat assignments drive friendships among elementary school children - Seat Assignments Drive Friendships Among Elementary School Children      (via 

Most teachers focus on academic considerations when assigning seats. A new study is the first to sho ...

Today's Healthcare

Is TBI a chronic condition? - Is TBI a Chronic Condition?      (via     Original source 

People with TBI may continue to improve or decline years after their injury, making it a more chroni...


The beginning of life: The early embryo is in the driver's seat - The Beginning of Life: The Early Embryo is in the Driver's Seat      (via 

One often thinks that the early embryo is fragile and needs support. However, at the earliest stages...

Sexual Health

Papillomaviruses may be able to be spread by blood - Papillomaviruses May Be Able to Be Spread by Blood      (via 

Researchers found that rabbit and mouse papillomaviruses could be transferred by blood to their resp...

Chronic Illness

Head injury is associated with doubled mortality rate long-term, Penn study finds - Head Injury Doubles Mortality Rate Long-Term, Penn Study Finds      (via 

Adults who suffered any head injury during a 30-year study period had two times the rate of mortalit...

Psychology Research

Head injuries could be a risk factor for developing brain cancer - Head Injuries and Brain Cancer: Understanding the Link      (via     Original source 

Previous studies have suggested a possible link between head injury and increased rates of brain tum...

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