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Today's Healthcare

Young adults with migraine, other nontraditional risk factors may have higher stroke risk      (via     Original source 

Nontraditional risk factors such as migraines are as important as traditional risk factors like high ...

Thyroid Disease

Chemical risk assessment not up to par, researchers say - Chemical Risk Assessment Not Up to Par, Researchers Say      (via     Original source 

The current system of chemical risk assessment is inadequate and underestimates levels of flame reta ...


The surprising connection between male infertility and family cancer risk      (via     Original source 

A study suggests families with infertile male relatives may face elevated cancer risks. Tapping into ...

Diabetes Healthy Aging

Does the risk of stroke from common risk factors change as people age? - Does the Risk of Stroke from Common Risk Factors Change as People Age?      (via 

High blood pressure and diabetes are known risk factors for stroke, but now a new study shows that t ...

Chronic Illness

Cardiologists reveal new heart disease risk calculator      (via     Original source 

The new American Heart Association PREVENTTM risk calculator estimates the 10- and 30-year risk of t ...

Healthy Aging

Infection with stomach bacteria may increase risk of Alzheimer's disease      (via     Original source 

Infection with the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori could increase the risk of developing Alzhe ...

Diabetes Today's Healthcare

Diabetes medication class tied to lower risk of kidney stones      (via     Original source 

Type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risk of kidney stones, but some forms of treatment for ...


Can exercise help counteract genetic risk of disease? - Can Exercise Help Counteract Genetic Risk of Disease?      (via     Original source 

Staying active could help keep the onset of type 2 diabetes at bay, even if someone has a genetic ri...


Reproductive factors and dementia risk - Reproductive Factors and Dementia Risk: What You Need to Know      (via 

Pregnancy, long reproductive span, and older age at menopause are associated with a lower risk of de ...

Birth Control Gynecology Pregnancy and Childbirth Today's Healthcare

Blood clotting risk quickly drops after stopping hormonal contraceptives      (via     Original source 

Using birth control pills and other hormone-based contraceptives is known to elevate the risk of blo ...

Today's Healthcare

No increase in cancer risk for most patients with reflux disease      (via 

Reflux disease manifests as acid regurgitation and heartburn and is a known risk factor for esophage ...


How dietary restraint could significantly reduce effects of genetic risk of obesity      (via     Original source 

Obesity risk genes make people feel hungrier and lose control over their eating, but practicing diet ...

Chronic Illness

Drawing a tube of blood could assess ALS risk from environmental toxin exposure      (via     Original source 

Investigators have developed a new risk score that assesses a person's risk for developing ALS, as w ...

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Having complicated pregnancies increase the risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases, study finds      (via     Original source 

Researchers have investigated the relation between 40-year-old women's pregnancy history and later r...

Schizophrenia Today's Healthcare

Vigilant monitoring is needed to manage cardiac risks in patients using antipsychotics, doctors say      (via     Original source 

The use of the antipsychotic drugs quetiapine and haloperidol is associated with an increased risk o ...

Diet and Weight Loss Nutrition Obesity

Sweetened drinks linked to atrial fibrillation risk      (via     Original source 

An analysis of health data in the UK Biobank found a 20% higher risk of irregular heart rhythm, know ...


Breastfeeding reduces mothers’ cardiovascular disease risk - Breastfeeding Reduces Mothers’ Cardiovascular Disease Risk      (via     Original source 

Women who breastfed at some time in their lives were less likely to develop heart disease or stroke,...

Healthy Aging

People with increased genetic risk of Alzheimer's may lose sense of smell first      (via 

People who carry the gene variant associated with the strongest risk for Alzheimer's disease may los ...