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Looking for love? Try finding purpose as well      (via     Original source 

The world of online dating can be overwhelming with the dizzying array of options for attracting a p...

Child Development

A sense of purpose may have significant impact on teens' emotional well-being - A Sense of Purpose: The Key to Boosting Teens' Emotional Well-being      (via     Original source 

Feeling a sense of purpose has a significant impact on adolescents' emotional well-being. ABSTRACT: ...

Child Development Infant and Preschool Learning Parenting

Eureka baby! Groundbreaking study uncovers origin of 'conscious awareness'      (via     Original source 

Fundamental questions of agency -- acting with purpose -- have perplexed some of the greatest minds ...

Birth Defects Chronic Illness Today's Healthcare

A neurological disease paradigm shift      (via     Original source 

Scientists argue that Parkinson's disease complexity demands a new way of classifying the disease fo...

Infant's Health

Spontaneous baby movements have purpose - Spontaneous Baby Movements Have Purpose: Understanding the Importance of Infantile Spontaneous Movements      (via     Original source 

Spontaneous, random baby movements aid development of their sensorimotor system, according to new re...

Healthy Aging

Digital markers near-perfect for predicting dementia in older drivers - Digital Markers Near-Perfect for Predicting Dementia in Older Drivers      (via     Original source 

Using ensemble learning techniques and longitudinal data from a large naturalistic driving study, re...

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Human 'blastoids' offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges - Human 'Blastoids': A Medical Breakthrough with Ethical Challenges      (via 

Research performed on human blastoids, a research model of an early embryo built out of stem cells,...

Today's Healthcare

Contaminants in cannabis and hemp flowers create potential for health risks      (via     Original source 

Cannabis use, even for medical purposes, could make some people sick due to harmful fungi that conta ...

Alternative Medicine

Cannabis strength soars over past half century - Cannabis Strength Soars Over Past Half Century      (via     Original source 

Largest study on how cannabis has changed over time finds increased strength putting consumers at gr...

Living Well

Humans are ready to take advantage of benevolent AI - Humans are Ready to Take Advantage of Benevolent AI      (via     Original source 

Humans expect that AI is benevolent and trustworthy. A new study reveals that at the same time human...

Psychology Research

Is there a common path to the psychedelic experience? - Is There a Common Path to the Psychedelic Experience?      (via     Original source 

A study takes a closer look at the neurobiology of psychedelic experiences caused by nitrous oxide,...

Depression Mental Health Research Psychology Research

Feeling depressed? Performing acts of kindness may help - Feeling Depressed? Performing Acts of Kindness May Help      (via 

People suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety may help heal themselves by doing good deeds...

Healthy Aging

Hypertension drug could be repurposed to delay aging, animal study suggests - Hypertension Drug Could Be Repurposed to Delay Aging, Animal Study Suggests      (via     Original source 

Researchers have found that the drug rilmenidine can extend lifespan and slow aging. ABSTRACT: Hyper...

Living Well

Your dog's behavior is a product of their genes - Your Dog's Behavior is a Product of Their Genes      (via     Original source 

From the excitable sheep dog to the aloof Shiba Inu, and all breeds in between, dogs have unique and...

Living Well

Business use of avatars - Business Use of Avatars: A Comprehensive Guide      (via     Original source 

An associate professor of marketing says digital avatars can replace a sales force and customer serv...