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Sexual Health

Papillomaviruses may be able to be spread by blood - Papillomaviruses May Be Able to Be Spread by Blood      (via 

Researchers found that rabbit and mouse papillomaviruses could be transferred by blood to their resp ...


Infection with human papillomavirus linked to higher risk of preterm birth - Infection with Human Papillomavirus Linked to Higher Risk of Preterm Birth      (via 

Women carrying human papillomavirus (HPV) run an elevated risk of preterm birth, a new study shows. ...

Sexual Health

HPV immunization program cuts pre-cancer rates by more than half - HPV Immunization Program Cuts Pre-Cancer Rates by More Than Half      (via     Original source 

A school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization program in British Columbia, Canada, is drama ...

Sexual Health

Wording of vaccination messages influences behavior - Wording of Vaccination Messages Influences Behavior      (via 

An experiment has revealed that relatively small differences in messages influenced people's attitud...

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