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Child Development Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Obesity Psychology Research

Anti-obesity drug improves associative learning in people with obesity      (via     Original source 

Obesity leads to altered energy metabolism and reduced insulin sensitivity of cells. The so-called ' ...

Diabetes Dieting and Weight Control Obesity Staying Healthy

Finding the solution to obesity - Finding the Solution to Obesity      (via     Original source 

In the 20 years obesity among adults has risen significantly. Data show that one third of U.S. adult ...


Obesity may increase risk of some female reproductive disorders - Obesity May Increase Risk of Some Female Reproductive Disorders      (via     Original source 

Obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing female reproductive disorders, however, t ...

Chronic Illness Diabetes Nutrition Obesity

Why obesity is more dangerous for men - Why Obesity is More Dangerous for Men      (via     Original source 

A newly published study sheds light on the biological underpinnings in sex differences in obesity-re ...

Diabetes Obesity

Light or moderate alcohol consumption does not guard against diabetes, obesity      (via     Original source 

People who have just one or two drinks per day are not protected against endocrine conditions such a...

Child Development Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Parenting Staying Healthy

Early treatment of child obesity is effective      (via     Original source 

The early treatment of obesity in children is effective in both the short and long term, researchers ...

Obesity Staying Healthy

Obesity linked to detection of blood cancer precursor      (via     Original source 

Individuals with obesity are more likely to have monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance ...

Diet and Weight Loss Obesity Today's Healthcare

A tie between the most common obesity surgeries      (via     Original source 

The two most common obesity surgeries -- gastric bypass and gastric sleeve -- have few short-term co ...


How dietary restraint could significantly reduce effects of genetic risk of obesity      (via     Original source 

Obesity risk genes make people feel hungrier and lose control over their eating, but practicing diet ...

Diet and Weight Loss Nutrition Obesity

Protein found to protect females against obesity      (via     Original source 

Using a mouse model of high fat diet-induced obesity, a team of scientists has found that, compared ...

Chronic Illness Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Nutrition Obesity

Role of 'hunger hormone' receptor in obesity-realted chronic inflammation      (via     Original source 

A team of scientists has made an important discovery that could lead to a novel treatment for obesit...


Gene expression study reveals new molecular associations with obesity - Gene Expression Study Reveals New Molecular Associations with Obesity      (via     Original source 

Researchers highlight new insights in gene expressions associated with body mass index. ABSTRACT: Ge...

Chronic Illness Diet and Weight Loss Obesity

Significant findings related to obesity - Significant Findings Related to Obesity      (via     Original source 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports the prevalence of obesity in the U.S. w ...


Men with obesity can double their sperm count - Men with Obesity Can Double Their Sperm Count      (via     Original source 

Men with obesity can double their sperm count if they lose weight and maintain the weight loss. ABST ...

Diet and Weight Loss Nutrition Obesity

Genetic effect on the response to treatment for obesity - Genetic Effect on the Response to Treatment for Obesity      (via 

Collaborative research has found that patients with severe and complicated obesity respond different ...