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Mental Health Research

Increased need for mental health care strains capacity - Increased Need for Mental Health Care Strains Capacity      (via     Original source 

Demand for mental health treatment has continued to increase as many psychologists report no longer ...

Chronic Illness Mental Health Research Today's Healthcare

Study shows link between mental and physical health      (via     Original source 

A new study has found that individuals with severe mental illness are almost twice as likely to repo ...

Depression Mental Health Research Stress

Tracking mental health over the COVID-19 pandemic - Tracking Mental Health Over the COVID-19 Pandemic      (via 

When the world shut down in March of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people the world over ex...

Child Development

Warning signs of poor mental health in athletes - Warning Signs of Poor Mental Health in Athletes      (via     Original source 

'Put down' language is a key indicator of poor mental health in athletes, recent research shows. Mor ...

Children's Health Depression Mental Health Research

Researchers identify plasma biomarkers of mental health risk in adolescents      (via     Original source 

Researchers have identified plasma protein-based biomarkers capable of identifying adolescents at ri...

Mental Health Research Psychology Research Today's Healthcare

New study highlights the benefit of touch on mental and physical health      (via     Original source 

Through a large-scale analysis, researchers have uncovered the ways in which consensual touch can be...

Bipolar Disorder

Accurately describing mental health disorders - Accurately Describing Mental Health Disorders: A Guide for Better Understanding      (via     Original source 

A researcher collaborated with the World Health Organization on the first study to seek input from p...

Bipolar Disorder

Cognitive function in people with mental illness - Cognitive Function in People with Mental Illness      (via     Original source 

A study has shown few differences in the profiles of genes that influence cognition between people w...


Mental illness associated with increased death from cardiovascular disease - Mental Illness Associated with Increased Death from Cardiovascular Disease      (via     Original source 

Compared to the general population, people with severe mental illness, including schizophrenia, have ...

Bipolar Disorder

Brain researchers seek 'fingerprints' of severe mental diseases - Brain Researchers Seek 'Fingerprints' of Severe Mental Diseases      (via     Original source 

Findings from a new study of large-scale systems in the brain could improve understanding of the sym...

Child Development Children's Health Depression Mental Health Research

Half the population to have a mental health disorder by 75      (via     Original source 

Scientists analyzed data from more than 150,000 adults across 29 countries between 2001 and 2022 wit...

Child Development Children's Health Depression Mental Health Research Psychology Research

Brain imaging identifies biomarkers of mental illness      (via     Original source 

Research and treatment of psychiatric disorders are stymied by a lack of biomarkers -- objective bio...

Children's Health Chronic Illness Mental Health Research

'Study drugs' set the stage for other drug use and mental health decline      (via     Original source 

Taking 'study drugs' like Adderall without a diagnosis is not only dangerous in itself, but can lead...