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Dieting and Weight Control Parenting

Eating behaviors of parents play a role in teens' emotional eating - Eating Behaviors of Parents Play a Role in Teens' Emotional Eating      (via     Original source 

Emotional eating, or eating as a coping mechanism for negative, positive, or stress-driven emotions, ...

Children's Health Eating Disorder Research

Disordered eating is not only a disease of affluent girls - Disordered Eating: A Disease That Affects Everyone      (via     Original source 

Predominant stereotypes about eating disorders suggest that it is a condition mainly associated with ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Eating disorder behaviors alter reward response in brain - Eating Disorder Behaviors Alter Reward Response in Brain      (via     Original source 

A new study found that eating disorder behaviors alter the brain's reward response process and food ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

When does clean eating become an unhealthy obsession? - When Does Clean Eating Become an Unhealthy Obsession?      (via     Original source 

Researchers say those who have a history of an eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive traits, dieting ...

Depression Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders Mental Health Research Nutrition

A closer look at cannabis use and binge eating      (via     Original source 

New research examined how often people experiencing binge eating are also using cannabis recreationa ...

Eating Disorders

Stress does not lead to loss of self-control in eating disorders - Stress Does Not Lead to Loss of Self-Control in Eating Disorders      (via 

A unique residential study has concluded that, contrary to perceived wisdom, people with eating diso ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Binge eating linked to weight-loss challenges - Binge Eating Linked to Weight-Loss Challenges      (via     Original source 

Overweight or obese patients who binge eat while trying to lose weight drop half as much as those wh ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Study links eating disorders with body dysmorphia - Study Links Eating Disorders with Body Dysmorphia      (via 

People with eating disorders are 12 times more likely to be preoccupied with perceived flaws in thei ...

Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Eating Disorder Research Nutrition

Four eating behavior patterns of children      (via     Original source 

Children fall broadly into four eating categories, according to new research, and parents feed their ...

Children's Health Chronic Illness Eating Disorder Research Mental Health Research Today's Healthcare

Study reveals health impact of eating disorders      (via     Original source 

A new study has revealed a significant association between eating disorders and physical multimorbid ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Deciphering the genetics behind eating disorders - Deciphering the Genetics Behind Eating Disorders      (via 

By analysing the genome of tens of thousand people, a team has discovering similarities between the...