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Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Eating Disorder Research Nutrition

Four eating behavior patterns of children      (via     Original source 

Children fall broadly into four eating categories, according to new research, and parents feed their ...

Children's Health Today's Healthcare

Antiviral treatment is largely underused in children with influenza, study findings show      (via     Original source 

Despite national medical guidelines supporting the use of antiviral medications in young children di ...

Children's Health Today's Healthcare

Reducing oxygen levels for children in intensive care will save lives, study finds      (via     Original source 

Reducing oxygen levels in critically ill children on mechanical ventilators in intensive care could ...

Children's Health Psychology Research

Bacterial meningitis injures one in three children for life      (via     Original source 

One in three children who suffer from bacterial meningitis live with permanent neurological disabili ...

Children's Health Today's Healthcare

Hydroxyurea significantly reduces infections in children with sickle cell anemia      (via     Original source 

Researchers have revealed that hydroxyurea significantly reduces infections in children with sickle ...

Children's Health Today's Healthcare

Common viruses trigger most cases of intussusception in children      (via     Original source 

Viral infections trigger more cases of intussusception, the common cause of bowel blockages in young...

Child Development Children's Health Psychology Research

Could we assess autism in children with a simple eye reflex test?      (via     Original source 

Scientists may have discovered a new way to test for autism by measuring how children's eyes move wh ...

Child Development Children's Health

Parental avoidance of toxic exposures could help prevent autism, ADHD in children, new study shows      (via     Original source 

Researchers have found that parents with chemical intolerance are more likely to report children wit ...

Children's Health Skin Care Today's Healthcare

Clinical trial recommends methotrexate for children with severe atopic dermatitis      (via     Original source 

Findings from a clinical trial has recommended methotrexate for children with severe atopic dermatit ...

Child Development Children's Health Infant's Health

How does social attention develop in autistic children?      (via     Original source 

As they grow, children increasingly focus their attention on social elements in their environment, s ...

Children's Health Today's Healthcare

How children's birthdays help show the best month for flu shots      (via     Original source 

First large-scale analysis of optimal timing for flu shots finds October is the best month for child...

Child Development Children's Health Parenting Staying Healthy

How parents' work stress affects family mealtimes and children's development      (via     Original source 

Family mealtimes are important for parents and children as a space to communicate, socialize, and bu ...

Children's Health

Multiple air pollutants linked to asthma symptoms in children      (via     Original source 

Exposure to several combinations of toxic atmospheric pollutants may be triggering asthma symptoms a...

Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Obesity

BPA exposure linked to gut microbiota, childhood obesity in new study      (via     Original source 

Researchers found more unique bacteria taxa in children of normal weight than in overweight or obese ...


Mums' activity levels may depend on number and ages of children - Mums' Activity Levels May Depend on Number and Ages of Children      (via 

Less than half of mums meet the recommended levels of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity -- and...

Child Development Parenting

How moms are taking the lead in shaping children's education - How Moms are Taking the Lead in Shaping Children's Education      (via     Original source 

A new global study, which takes a gender-sensitive approach, has found that a mother's educational s...

Children's Health

Study of bacteria in day care settings reveals links with children's lung health      (via     Original source 

Particular combinations of bacteria found in dust at day care facilities have been linked to wheezin...

Children's Health Infant's Health

Children surpass a year of HIV remission after treatment pause      (via     Original source 

Four children have remained free of detectable HIV for more than one year after their antiretroviral ...