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Children's Health Today's Healthcare

Researchers use AI to triage patients with chest pain - Researchers Use AI to Triage Patients with Chest Pain      (via     Original source 

Artificial intelligence (AI) may help improve care for patients who show up at the hospital with acu...

Today's Healthcare

New AI tool accurately detects COVID-19 from chest X-rays      (via     Original source 

Researchers have developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) system that can rapidly det...

Chronic Illness Healthy Aging

How old are you, biologically? AI can tell your 'true' age by looking at your chest      (via     Original source 

Scientists have developed an AI model that accurately estimates a patient's age, using chest radiogr ...

Today's Healthcare

AI accurately identifies normal and abnormal chest x-rays - AI Accurately Identifies Normal and Abnormal Chest X-Rays      (via     Original source 

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool can accurately identify normal and abnormal chest X-rays in a c ...

Today's Healthcare Women's Health - General

Coronary artery calcium score predictive of heart attacks, strokes      (via     Original source 

Coronary artery calcium scoring with CT can identify symptomatic patients with a very low risk of he...

Depression Mental Health Research

Severely stressful events worsen symptoms of long COVID - Severely Stressful Events Worsen Symptoms of Long COVID      (via 

The death of a loved one, financial or food insecurity, or a newly developed disability were some of...


Hypertension symptoms in women often mistaken for menopause - Hypertension Symptoms in Women Often Mistaken for Menopause      (via     Original source 

Pregnancy complications and early menopause increase women's future risk of heart disease. Cardiolog...

Alternative Medicine

Healthy muscles are a carrot on a string for healthy lungs - Healthy Muscles: The Carrot on a String for Healthy Lungs      (via     Original source 

Scientists show effectiveness of carrot-based Japanese herbal medicine called 'Ninjin'yoeito' in imp...

Today's Healthcare

Study examines heart inflammation after COVID vaccine - Study Examines Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine      (via     Original source 

Researchers found evidence of heart muscle inflammation in a small number of patients with acute myo...

Today's Healthcare

Breakthrough in fighting Legionnaires' disease - Breakthrough in Fighting Legionnaires' Disease      (via 

A new study of domestic and hospital drinking water systems found Legionella in 41% of samples -- wi...

Psychology Research

Heart valve disease linked to serotonin - Heart Valve Disease Linked to Serotonin      (via     Original source 

Serotonin can impact the mitral valve of the heart and potentially accelerate a cardiac condition kn...


Does nerve damage contribute to 'long-COVID' symptoms? - Does Nerve Damage Contribute to 'Long-COVID' Symptoms?      (via 

Most post-COVID nerve damage appears to be caused by infection-triggered immune dysfunction -- not b...

Cosmetic Surgery

3D facial analysis shows biologic basis for gender-affirming surgery - 3D Facial Analysis Shows Biologic Basis for Gender-Affirming Surgery      (via 

Gender-affirming facial surgery (GFS) is pursued by transgender individuals who desire facial featur...


COVID-19 may cause deadly blood clots - COVID-19 May Cause Deadly Blood Clots      (via     Original source 

COVID-19 may increase the risk of blot cots in women who are pregnant or taking estrogen with birth...