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Sexual Health

Male Y chromosome facilitates the evolution of sex differences in body size - Male Y Chromosome: The Key to Understanding Sex Differences in Body Size      (via     Original source 

Females and males differ in many ways and yet they share the same genome. The only exception is the...


Body phenotypes say a lot, but not everything, about a person's health - Body Phenotypes Say a Lot, But Not Everything, About a Person's Health      (via     Original source 

Researchers studying body phenotypes -- the observable characteristics like height, behavior, appear ...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Study links eating disorders with body dysmorphia - Study Links Eating Disorders with Body Dysmorphia      (via 

People with eating disorders are 12 times more likely to be preoccupied with perceived flaws in thei...

Infant's Health Parenting Pregnancy and Childbirth

No universal body image experience in pregnancy      (via     Original source 

A new study analysing almost 9,400 responses has discovered large variations in how pregnancy can af...

Chronic Illness Psychology Research

Scientists identify cell vulnerability 'fingerprint' related to Parkinson's, Lewy body dementia      (via     Original source 

A new study offers a first look into the complex molecular changes that occur in brain cells with Le...

Diet and Weight Loss

How larger body sizes helped the colonizers of New Zealand      (via     Original source 

Researchers have developed a model to estimate how much energy the original colonizers of New Zealan...

Psychology Research

How the brain senses body position and movement      (via     Original source 

Researchers use neural networks to study proprioception, the sense the brain uses to 'know' the body ...

Depression Mental Health Research

Are body temperature and depression linked? Science says, yes      (via     Original source 

People with depression have higher body temperatures, suggesting there could be a mental health bene ...

Chronic Illness Diabetes

Medications for chronic diseases affect the body's ability to regulate body temperature, keep cool      (via     Original source 

Medications to treat various chronic diseases may hinder the body's ability to lose heat and regulat ...

Psychology Research

Mind-body connection is built into brain - Mind-Body Connection: Understanding the Brain's Role      (via     Original source 

A new study reveals that a connection between the body and mind is built into the structure of the b ...


Stress makes life’s clock tick faster: Chilling out slows it down - Stress makes life’s clock tick faster: Chilling out slows it down      (via     Original source 

Scientists in recent years have developed ways to measure biological age by tracking chemical change...

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

COVID-19 anxiety linked to body image issues - COVID-19 Anxiety Linked to Body Image Issues      (via     Original source 

A new study has found that anxiety and stress directly linked to COVID-19 could be causing a number...

Children's Health

New review calls on Hockey Canada to raise age of body contact from 13 to 15      (via     Original source 

Research recommends authorities mandate that schools and sports organizations enforce policies to pr...