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Children's Health

Genetic biomarker may predict severity of food allergy      (via     Original source 

Researchers reported for the first time that a genetic biomarker may be able to help predict the sev ...

Child Development Children's Health Depression Mental Health Research Psychology Research

Brain imaging identifies biomarkers of mental illness      (via     Original source 

Research and treatment of psychiatric disorders are stymied by a lack of biomarkers -- objective bio ...

Children's Health Depression Mental Health Research

Researchers identify plasma biomarkers of mental health risk in adolescents      (via     Original source 

Researchers have identified plasma protein-based biomarkers capable of identifying adolescents at ri ...

Infant's Health Pregnancy and Childbirth

Biomarkers that predict preeclampsia risk - Biomarkers that Predict Preeclampsia Risk      (via     Original source 

In a study of pregnant women in the United States, investigators found that a specific imbalance of...


New biomarkers for coffee consumption - New Biomarkers for Coffee Consumption: A Breakthrough in Health Research      (via 

In search of new biomarkers for nutrition and health studies, a research team has identified and str ...

Chronic Illness

Engineers report low-cost human biomarker sensor designs - Engineers Report Low-Cost Human Biomarker Sensor Designs      (via     Original source 

Researchers have developed a low-cost, RNA-based technology to detect and measure biomarkers, which ...

Chronic Illness Diabetes

Potential novel biomarkers of coronary heart disease discovered      (via     Original source 

Coronary heart disease is a major global health problem, especially among people with type 2 diabete...

Today's Healthcare

This wireless, handheld, non-invasive device detects Alzheimer's and Parkinson's biomarkers      (via     Original source 

An international team of researchers has developed a handheld, non-invasive device that can detect b...


Studies on coffee consumption: New biomarker proposed      (via     Original source 

In order to record coffee consumption in nutrition and health studies, researchers usually rely on s...

Healthy Aging

New biomarker test can detect Alzheimer's neurodegeneration in blood - New Biomarker Test Can Detect Alzheimer's Neurodegeneration in Blood      (via     Original source 

The biomarker, called 'brain-derived tau,' or BD-tau, outperforms current blood diagnostic tests use ...

Chronic Illness Crohn's Disease Today's Healthcare

Comprehensive guideline on using biomarkers for monitoring Crohn's disease      (via     Original source 

New AGA guideline outlines reliable blood and stool tests to monitor inflammation that can reduce ho...

Depression Psychology Research

Decoding depression: Researchers identify crucial biomarker that tracks recovery from treatment-resistant depression      (via     Original source 

A team of leading clinicians, engineers, and neuroscientists has made a groundbreaking discovery in...


Undescended testis: Fate of fertility predicted by blood biomarkers - Undescended Testis: Blood Biomarkers Predict Fertility Fate      (via     Original source 

In boys with undescended testis, the risk of developing infertility is traditionally predicted based...

Today's Healthcare

Health researchers develop software to predict diseases      (via     Original source 

IntelliGenes analyzes genomic data to discover biomarkers associated with health traits. ...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Toward a clearer diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome - Toward a Clearer Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome      (via     Original source 

Functional PET imaging to show that levels of neuroinflammation, or inflammation of the nervous syst...

Today's Healthcare

Biomarker-directed combination effective in immunotherapy-resistant lung cancer      (via     Original source 

A specific combination of targeted therapy and immunotherapy may better help patients with non-small...

Healthy Aging

Earliest-yet Alzheimer's biomarker found in mouse model could point to new targets      (via     Original source 

A surge of a neural-specific protein in the brain is the earliest-yet biomarker for Alzheimer's dise ...