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Nondrug approaches effective for treatment of common pain conditions, review suggests - Nondrug Approaches for Common Pain Conditions: A Comprehensive Review      (via     Original source 

Data from a review of US-based clinical trials suggest that some of the most popular complementary h...

Chronic Illness

New study suggests promising approach for treating pancreatic cancer      (via     Original source 

A new study carried out in mice, has identified cells that drive the spread of pancreatic cancer and...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Multidisciplinary approach more effective for gut disorders - Multidisciplinary Approach More Effective for Gut Disorders      (via 

Researchers have conducted a trial involving 144 patients to compare the effectiveness of a multidis...

Diabetes Fitness

For type 2 diabetics who exercise, some approaches are better than others      (via     Original source 

An analysis on the positive effects of exercise on blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes...

Today's Healthcare

A new approach can address antibiotic resistance to Mycobacterium abscessus      (via     Original source 

Scientists have created analogs of the antibiotic spectinomycin that are significantly more effectiv...

Sexual Health

Researchers are using RNA in a new approach to fight HIV      (via     Original source 

A pharmacy associate professor has developed a novel nanomedicine loaded with genetic material calle...


New neuroimaging approach could improve diagnosis of schizophrenia      (via     Original source 

New research has identified age-related changes in brain patterns associated with the risk for devel...


New approach could overcome fungal resistance to current treatments - New Approach Could Overcome Fungal Resistance to Current Treatments      (via 

Current medications aren't particularly effective against fungi. The situation is becoming more chal...

Psychology Research Today's Healthcare

Potential new approach to PTSD treatment      (via     Original source 

A research study has found that cerebellar inhibitory interneurons are essential for fear memory, a...

Psychology Research Today's Healthcare

Smarter CT scans may approach the level of MRI      (via     Original source 

In certain cases, a new method can provide as much information from brain images taken with computed...

Healthy Aging

Advanced bladder cancer patients could keep their bladder under new treatment regime, clinical trial shows      (via     Original source 

Investigators have developed a new approach for treating invasive bladder cancer without the need fo ...

Women's Health - General

New approach for treatment-resistant breast cancers      (via     Original source 

A collaborative study provides compelling evidence that combining an investigational oral drug with...


Novel approach emerging for rescuing limbs at risk      (via     Original source 

Scientists identify a population of human progenitor cells that were 100% effective in mouse models...

Hormone Disorders

New approach to breast cancer prevention - New Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide      (via     Original source 

Researchers suggest that advances in breast cancer prevention research have resulted in new and inno...

Thyroid Disease

Anthropologist rewrites history using science, art - Anthropologist Rewrites History Using Science, Art      (via     Original source 

Art often imitates life, but when an anthropologist and a geologist investigated a 2000-year-old car...

Dietary Supplements and Minerals

Scientists imbue cells with pathway to make own drugs - Scientists Imbue Cells with Pathway to Make Own Drugs      (via 

Chemists find a rare genetic pathway that helps mammalian cells become drug factories or sensors by...