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Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition

From the first bite, our sense of taste helps pace our eating      (via     Original source 

When you eagerly dig into a long-awaited dinner, signals from your stomach to your brain keep you from eating so much you'll regret it -- or so it's been thought.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Fitness Healthy Aging Staying Healthy

Poor work performance among Japanese employees strongly associated with insufficient sleep      (via     Original source 

This study examined the association between work performance and lifestyle habits among Japanese employees. The results revealed that insufficient sleep was the predominant factor affecting work performance in men and women, followed by lack of regular exercise and eating late-evening meals. Furthermore, the study indicated that men were more likely to exhibit lifestyle habits that impacted work performance than women.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Staying Healthy

Following a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cognitive decline in older people      (via     Original source 

Old people who follow a Mediterranean diet are at a lower risk of cognitive decline, according to a new study. The study provides new evidence for a better understanding of the biological mechanisms related to the impact of the diet on cognitive health in the aging population.

Chronic Illness Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity

Obesity linked to neurodegeneration through insulin resistance      (via     Original source 

Researchers have discovered a link between obesity and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease. Using the common fruit fly, the research shows that a high-sugar diet -- a hallmark of obesity -- causes insulin resistance in the brain, which in turn reduces the ability to remove neuronal debris, thus increasing the risk of neurodegeneration.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Healthy Aging Nutrition

Women with a heart healthy diet in midlife are less likely to report cognitive decline later      (via     Original source 

Women with diets during middle age designed to lower blood pressure were about 17 percent less likely to report memory loss and other signs of cognitive decline decades later, a new study finds.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Today's Healthcare

How plant-derived nutrients can affect the gut and brain      (via     Original source 

Can plant-derived nutrients alter gut bacteria to affect brain function? Scientists investigated this question in a study of overweight adults. Their findings suggest that dietary fiber can exert influence on both the composition of gut bacteria and the reward signals in the brain and associated food decision-making.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian may be partly in your genes      (via     Original source 

A person's genetic makeup plays a role in determining whether they can stick to a strict vegetarian diet, a new study has found. The findings open the door to further studies that could have important implications regarding dietary recommendations and the production of meat substitutes.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Psychology Research Staying Healthy

Discrimination alters brain-gut 'crosstalk,' prompting poor food choices and increased health risks      (via     Original source 

People frequently exposed to racial or ethnic discrimination may be more susceptible to obesity and related health risks in part because of a stress response that changes biological processes and how we process food cues, according to new research.

Dieting and Weight Control

Saturated fat may interfere with creating memories in aged brain      (via     Original source 

New research hints at a few ways fatty foods affect cells in the brain, a finding that could help explain the link between a high-fat diet and impaired memory -- especially as we age. A new study in cell cultures found the omega-3 fatty acid DHA may help protect the brain from an unhealthy diet's effects by curbing fat-induced inflammation at the cellular source.

Chronic Illness Fibromyalgia Today's Healthcare

Cognitive behavioral therapy eases how fibromyalgia pain is experienced by the brain      (via     Original source 

Patients living with fibromyalgia (FM) -- a disease that predominantly affects women and is characterized by chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog -- often find limited treatment options and a scarcity of explanations for their symptoms. Investigators have now found that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can significantly reduce the burden of FM by, in part, reducing pain-catastrophizing, a negative cognitive and emotional response that can intensify pain through feelings of helplessness, rumination and intrusive thoughts. This finding is backed by neuroimaging data, evidencing reduced connectivity between regions of the brain associated with self-awareness, pain and emotional processing.

Child Development Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Parenting Staying Healthy

Early treatment of child obesity is effective      (via     Original source 

The early treatment of obesity in children is effective in both the short and long term, researchers report.

Diet and Weight Loss Dietary Supplements and Minerals Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Psychology Research

Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood affects food choices, weight gain and the microstructure of the brain      (via     Original source 

A new study finds poor quality of available foods, increased intake of calories from foods high in trans-fatty acids, and environments that do not foster physical activity, all prevalent in disadvantaged neighborhoods, disrupt the flexibility of information processing in the brain that is involved in reward, emotion regulation, and cognition.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Staying Healthy Vegetarian

A quarter of people are undoing the benefits of healthy meals by unhealthy snacking      (via     Original source 

A quarter of people are undoing the benefitsĀ of healthy meals with unhealthy snacks, which increases the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Child Development Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Obesity Parenting

Benefits, risks in state-mandated school-based BMI assessments      (via     Original source 

A resource economist finds mandated in-school Body Mass Index assessments adopted in varying forms by 24 states to combat childhood obesity have the potential to improve the health of some students while introducing body-image issues for others. The research is believed to be the first to assess these policies as a whole, rather than in single states or school districts.

Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Staying Healthy

'Night owls' more likely than 'early birds' to develop diabetes      (via     Original source 

A new study has an important message for people who consider themselves night owls. Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital, a founding member of the Mass General Brigham healthcare system, found that people with later sleep and wake times had less healthy lifestyles and were at greater risk of developing diabetes than those with early-bird sleep habits.

Depression Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Mental Health Research Psychology Research Staying Healthy

Healthy lifestyle can help prevent depression -- and new research may explain why      (via     Original source 

A healthy lifestyle that involves moderate alcohol consumption, a healthy diet, regular physical activity, healthy sleep and frequent social connection, while avoiding smoking and too much sedentary behavior, reduces the risk of depression, new research has found.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition

Red blood cells exposed to oxygen deficiency protect against myocardial infarction      (via     Original source 

Red blood cells exposed to oxygen deficiency protect against myocardial infarction, according to a new study. The study also shows that the protective effect is enhanced by a nitrate-rich vegetable diet.

Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Fitness Nutrition Obesity Psychology Research

A new breakthrough in obesity research may allow you to lose fat while eating all you want      (via     Original source 

This is a significant development that brings hope to the one billion individuals with obesity worldwide. Researchers have discovered new insights into the regulation of fat metabolism. The focus of their study lies within the star-shaped non-neuronal cells in the brain, known as 'astrocytes'. Furthermore, the group announced successful animal experiments using the newly developed drug 'KDS2010', which allowed the mice to lose weigh without dietary restrictions.

Child Development Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Nutrition Obesity Staying Healthy

A healthy diet, reading, and doing sports promote reasoning skills in children      (via     Original source 

According to a recent study, improved overall diet quality and reduced consumption of red meat, as well as increased time spent in reading and organized sports enhanced reasoning skills among children over the first two school years.

Child Development Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Obesity Psychology Research

Anti-obesity drug improves associative learning in people with obesity      (via     Original source 

Obesity leads to altered energy metabolism and reduced insulin sensitivity of cells. The so-called 'anti-obesity drugs' are increasingly used to treat obesity and have caused tremendous interest, especially in the USA. Researchers have now shown in people with obesity that reduced insulin sensitivity affects learning of sensory associations. A single dose of the anti-obesity drug liraglutide was able to normalize these changes and restore the underlying brain circuit function.