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Four eating behavior patterns of children      (via     Original source 

Children fall broadly into four eating categories, according to new research, and parents feed their children differently depending on those categories.  

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Study reveals health impact of eating disorders      (via     Original source 

A new study has revealed a significant association between eating disorders and physical multimorbidity, shedding new light on the health risks faced by people with these conditions. The research explores the complex relationship between eating disorders, physical health, and other issues that can influence it.

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Why does skin get 'leathery' after too much sun? Bioengineers examine cellular breakdown      (via     Original source 

A study explores how ultraviolet radiation can alter the microstructure of human skin. Particularly affected is collagen, the fibrous protein that binds together tissue, tendon, cartilage and bone throughout our bodies.

Children's Health Diet and Weight Loss Dieting and Weight Control Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders Nutrition

Exposure therapy to feared foods may help kids with eating disorders      (via     Original source 

Whether you're afraid of dogs, needles or enclosed spaces, one of the most effective interventions for this type of anxiety disorder is exposure therapy in which you confront your fear in a safe environment. A new study finds that exposure therapy is also a promising treatment for adolescents with eating disorders. They found that exposure to feared foods -- such as candy bars and pizza -- helped kids who were in a partial hospitalization program for eating disorders experience decreased anxiety toward food.

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Boosting the body's anti-viral immune response may eliminate aging cells      (via     Original source 

Aging cells express a protein that is produced by human cytomegalovirus and is targeted by certain immune cells in the body. Harnessing the immune response to this protein could have multiple health benefits during aging.

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Scientists see anti-aging potential in an invasive weed      (via     Original source 

The fruit of the cocklebur plant, which grows worldwide and is often considered a noxious weed, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components that could make it useful as a skin protectant, according to new research.

Cosmetic Surgery Today's Healthcare

3D-printed scaffold could improve breast reconstruction results      (via     Original source 

Investigators have developed a technique to help surgeons reconstruct more natural-looking nipples for patients who have undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy to treat breast cancer.

Diet and Weight Loss Eating Disorder Research Psychology Research

Accepting anxiety for peace of mind      (via     Original source 

Sadly, many family members, friends, and celebrities have suffered from anorexia nervosa, a severe psychiatric disorder associated with intense anxieties concerning weight, shape, and self-esteem. AN is characterized by an eating disorder, food restriction, voluntary vomiting, and extreme emaciation.

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Serious eating disorder ARFID is highly heritable, according to new twin study      (via     Original source 

ARFID is strongly influenced by genetic factors, according to a twin study examining this relatively new type of eating disorder.

Children's Health Eating Disorder Research

Disordered eating is not only a disease of affluent girls      (via     Original source 

Predominant stereotypes about eating disorders suggest that it is a condition mainly associated with girls from wealthy backgrounds. However, a new study found that boys living in disadvantaged circumstances are at an increased risk for disordered eating, particularly if they have underlying genetic risk factors.

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Simple laser treatments may help prevent nonmelanoma skin cancer      (via     Original source 

In a study of patients with a history of facial keratinocyte carcinoma, 20.9% of those treated with nonablative fractional lasers experienced a subsequent keratinocyte carcinoma, compared with 40.4% of patients who did not receive laser treatment.

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Body Dissatisfaction Can Lead to Eating Disorders at Any Age      (via     Original source 

Eating disorders are stereotypically associated with adolescents and young adults. Growing evidence, however, suggests that these conditions can occur at any time during a woman's lifespan, including at midlife. A new study finds that body dissatisfaction is a primary cause of eating disorders, especially during perimenopause.

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Scars mended using transplanted hair follicles      (via 

Researchers have found that hair follicle transplants can promote scar rejuvenation by altering their architecture and genetic makeup.

Children's Health Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders Nutrition

Scientists uncover possible neural link between early life trauma and binge-eating disorder      (via     Original source 

Research has revealed how a pathway in the brain that typically provides signals to stop eating may be altered by early life trauma. The discovery, obtained from studies in mice adds new perspective to binge eating and obesity.

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Previously unknown ability of the autonomic nervous system discovered      (via     Original source 

The autonomic nervous system is known as the control center for involuntary bodily processes such as the beating of our hearts and our breathing. The fact that this part of the nervous system also has the ability to spontaneously restore muscle function following a nerve injury was recently discovered. Their findings may form the basis for improving and developing interventions to treat nerve lesions.

Cosmetic Surgery

A cut above -- two devices are teamed to simplify, quicken and improve ear reconstruction      (via 

Thanks to two novel tools, the traditionally difficult surgery to create a replacement ear from a patient's rib cartilage may soon be done faster, more simply and accurately.

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Researchers develop painless tattoos that can be self-administered      (via     Original source 

Researchers have developed low-cost, painless, and bloodless tattoos that can be self-administered and have many applications, from medical alerts to tracking neutered animals to cosmetics.

Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Circadian rhythm disruption found to be common among mental health disorders      (via 

Scientists hypothesize that circadian rhythm disruption is a psychopathology factor shared by a broad range of mental illnesses and that research into its molecular foundation could be key to unlocking better therapies and treatments.

Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetics Skin Care

Researchers produce nanodiamonds capable of delivering medicinal and cosmetic remedies through the skin      (via 

A novel approach provides an innovative solution to overcoming two major challenges in delivering medicinal and cosmetic remedies through the skin. Combining techniques in nanotechnology and optics, researchers produced tiny (nanometric) diamond particles so small that they are capable of penetrating skin to deliver these remedies. Next, they created a safe, laser-based optical method that quantifies nanodiamond penetration into the various layers of the skin and determines their location and concentration within body tissue in a non-invasive manner -- eliminating the need for a biopsy.

Dieting and Weight Control Eating Disorder Research Eating Disorders

Deep brain stimulation shows promise against binge eating disorder      (via     Original source 

A small device that detects food craving-related brain activity in a key brain region, and responds by electrically stimulating that region, has shown promise in a pilot clinical trial in two patients with loss-of-control binge eating disorder (BED), according to researchers.