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Longer sprint intervals can improve muscle oxygen utilization compared to shorter intervals      (via     Original source 

Sprint interval training (SIT) is a form of exercise characterized by cycles of intense exercise which are interspersed by short durations of rest. In a recent study, researchers deep dive into the intricate connections among various parameters of SIT, such as duration and repetitions, and the resulting physiological responses. Their findings can aid in developing well-informed and tailored sprint training regimens that significantly benefit the modern-day population.


Far from toxic, lactate rivals glucose as body's major fuel after a carbohydrate meal      (via     Original source 

Scientists have documented the benefits of lactate burning in exercising humans, but few studies have looked at the role of lactate during rest or after a meal. Exercise physiologists challenged fasting men and women with a carbohydrate meal and then monitored lactate in the blood and fat vs carbohydrate metabolism. They found that lactate buffers glucose from a meal, and that lactate is utilized for energy almost as much as glucose.

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Prostate cancer study: More health benefits from plant-based diet      (via     Original source 

Men with prostate cancer could significantly reduce the chances of the disease worsening by eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil, according to new research.

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Exercise, new drug class recommended for management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy      (via     Original source 

Experts released a new clinical guideline for effectively managing individuals diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The guideline reiterates the importance of collaborative decision-making with patients who have HCM and provides updated recommendations for the most effective treatment pathways for adult and pediatric patients.

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When working out, males are programmed to burn more fat, while females recycle it--at least in rats      (via     Original source 

Vigorous exercise burns fat more in males than in females, but the benefits of exercise are broad for everyone.

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Time-restricted eating and high-intensity exercise might work together to improve health      (via     Original source 

Combining time-restricted eating with high-intensity functional training may improve body composition and cardiometabolic parameters more than either alone, according to new research.


Scientists work out the effects of exercise at the cellular level      (via     Original source 

The health benefits of exercise are well known but new research shows that the body's response to exercise is more complex and far-reaching than previously thought. In a study on rats, a team of scientists has found that physical activity causes many cellular and molecular changes in all 19 of the organs they studied in the animals.

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Childcare pick-up: A 1-hour window to build healthier eating habits      (via     Original source 

After-care food and drink accounted for about 22% of the day's added sugar and about one-third of the sweet and salty snack foods the children ate, according to a new study.

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Cardio-fitness cuts death and disease by nearly 20%      (via     Original source 

Groundbreaking new research finds that an increased cardio fitness level will reduce your risk of death from any cause by nearly 20%.

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Breakthrough in brown fat research: Researchers have found brown fat's 'off-switch'      (via     Original source 

Researchers have found a protein that is responsible for turning off brown fat activity. This new discovery could lead to a promising strategy for safely activating brown fat and tackling obesity and related health problems.


Climb stairs to live longer      (via     Original source 

Climbing stairs is associated with a longer life, according to new research

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For immigrants to Canada, risk of multiple sclerosis increases with proportion of life spent there, study finds      (via     Original source 

Immigrants to Canada who have spent a greater proportion of their lives in Canada have a greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS) than people who have spent a smaller proportion of their lives there, according to a new study. The study does not prove that an increased proportion of life in Canada causes MS; it only shows an association.

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Social media can be used to increase fruit and vegetable intake in young people      (via     Original source 

Researchers have found that people following healthy eating accounts on social media for as little as two weeks ate more fruit and vegetables and less junk food.

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Low intensity exercise linked to reduced depression      (via     Original source 

New research has found a significant association between participating in low to moderate intensity exercise and reduced rates of depression.

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3 in 5 parents play short order cook for young children who don't like family meal      (via     Original source 

While most parents of preschool and elementary aged children strive to give their children a balanced, nutritional diet, some of their strategies to promote healthy eating may backfire, a national poll suggests.

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How data provided by fitness trackers and smartphones can help people with MS      (via     Original source 

Monitoring and treating a case of multiple sclerosis requires reliable and long-term data on how the disease is progressing in the person in question. Fitness trackers and smartphones can supply this data, as a research team has now shown.

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Guidance on energy and macronutrients across the lifespan      (via     Original source 

In the long history of recommendations for nutritional intake, current research is trending toward the concept of 'food as medicine' -- a philosophy in which food and nutrition are positioned within interventions to support health and wellness.

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Choosing sugary drinks over fruit juice for toddlers linked to risk of adult obesity      (via     Original source 

Consuming sugar-sweetened drinks in the first few years of childhood can be linked to poor diet patterns that increase the risk of obesity in later life, according to a new study.